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Before You Start

Do I need Planning Permission?

Generally speaking YES unless you can say NO to all of the following. Generally only Agricultural Development and horticultural Development have relaxed rules for planning.

  1. Is your agricultural Holding less than 5 hectares (12.5 acres approx)?
  2. Are you within 25 metres of a classified road?
  3. If Agricultural Buildings including Farm Buildings and Agricultural Steel Buildings are for livestock, are you within 400 metres of a neighbouring dwelling?
  4. Are you in a conservation area or National Park?
  5. Is the Agricultural Buildings or Farm Buildings together with other buildings erected within the last two years in excess of 1000 sq. metres?
  6. Are there any special planning restrictions on your land or district?

You will nevertheless need to submit plans and a Prior Notification form to your local authority in this case.

Do I need Building Regulations Approval?

Unless agricultural generally YES. Agricultural buildings may need Building Reg. Approval if they include toilet facilities or are heated or are close to a neighbouring property.

Obtaining Quotes

When seeking tenders for your project, ensure that you provide all relevant information. The less detailed the information you provide to the prospective suppliers, the greater the variation in the prices you receive back and the more difficult to compare. Some suppliers quote on a 'comprehensive basis' which will result in few extras, whilst others quote for the bare minimum with the resultant string of extras on the final account. If possible make sure that all those submitting prices view the site prior to tender.

Planning Applications

Building Regulations

If you would like more information regarding Agricultural Development including Farm Buildings and Agricultural Steel Buildings, please contact us on 07980 830 073 or contact us

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